Friday, April 8, 2011

Hey Family of Friends,

It has been a glorious and exciting week. Your response has been encouraging --- e-mails, phone calls and donations to get the Internet ministry up and running. Thank you to those 6 who have already become foundational members. Because of you, we are a little closer to our goal. If we can get at least $3,000 more, right now, we can even purchase our first camera. We our praying to start next month…Keep watching for updates.

Today, just to make this week even more special, I just found out that our state passed into law that abortions can now only be performed if there is danger to the mother. I can live with that for now! Most importantly, more babies can live!!!

Speaking of life, this is the time of year to celebrate new life because of the resurrected life of our Savior Jesus. Always remember why we celebrate Easter and why we must celebrate Easter. It’s all about Jesus and we must commemorate and honor Easter because if it had never happened, we would have never been saved and could never expect healing today. Because He lives --- we live ---eternally!!!

Watch the live chat, I will be coming on to chat frequently. Love you and love talking with you when I can.

See you in the chatroom…

Your Brother in Christ,
Evangelist Kevin Shorey
Psalm 37:4

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