Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Update

Dear Family of Friends,

During this time of great change in my life and ministry, I have seen God send so many confirmations for what we are doing now. I am so blessed by having a family of friends that are not only supporting this transition, but reconfirming to me over and over again that we are on the right track. We are going full-time in evangelistic ministry, on the road, and streaming from this website once a week. We are going forward together in Jesus name! Devil look out!

Since launching out, I get e-mails or Facebook messages practically everyday asking about what happened or why the change. I do appreciate the inquiry of my whereabouts, but after explaining, it seems some still want some kind of dirt. My decisions were and are not made by what man does or says, but by trying to follow the Spirit of God and where He wants to take me. We all must “forget the things which are behind and press towards the things ahead.” Jesus said, even more strongly in Luke, that if you go to work for the Lord “and look back, you are not fit for service!”

With that said and pressing ahead, we have a long way to go but we have been streaming live every Thursday, “It’s Time For Your Miracle” program. I pray you will watch and send comments. If you have a prayer need or praise report, please participate, as that is why I am doing it --- for you. 

Great things are ahead with upcoming services in Missouri, California, Washington, Nebraska, Tennessee, New York and Florida, to name a few. I will be giving you monthly updates on all these services and more.

God is blessing with more and more open doors, but I pray you will continue to support with your prayers and whatever financial support God leads you to give. Many are already pledging monthly support and that is a huge blessing. Thank you! This will help me to continue streaming and even add more programming as finances allow.
After we get the weekly miracle service running smoothly, I would love to add a daily morning talk show. What do you think?

Thanks for all you have done and are doing for the glory of God. I believe the best is yet to come!

Your Brother in Christ,

Evangelist Kevin Shorey
Psalm 37:4


Kevin Shorey has a passion for God and a burning desire to ignite that same fire in the hearts of everyone who hears him. His enthusiastic, uncompromising presentation of God's Word captures the attention of young and old alike. He ministers with a deep sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a strong commitment to see God move in people's lives. Every year, thousands are saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and miraculously healed!

Be sure to visit Kevin online at http://www.kevinshorey.com/

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